Pilates Beginner Assessments


What happens here?

A discussion about your GOALS and why you are here. Pilates attracts many different clients, some requiring Pilates because of a medical condition or injury they have and others just simply need to stretch, strengthen and mobilise more. It's important that we get off to the right start by identifying your goals. Every client is different, some needing more time to learn the correct engagement whilst others may simply feel confident enough to join a beginners group straight away or you may have a injury/medical condition which is not suitable for group matwork sessions and would therefore require more specific work using the apparatus.

What will we be doing during our first assessment ?

  1. Posture

Looking at your posture will determine a lot by letting us know which muscles need stretching, strengthening and mobilising. You will also be advised as to what type of movements will be best for your posture.

2. Learning the Fundamentals

Pilates is more easily understood if we learn the breathing first and then we can begin to layer movements on top of the breathing. For example :

  • Lifting a leg from the floor whilst maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis.

  • Learning how to move through your spine one vertebrae at a time

  • Learning how to use the abdominals to stretch and support your back

  • How to do the Classic sit up without hurting your neck

  • How to stretch safely and effectively

  • How to use the shoulder and scapular stabilizing muscles during exercises like side bends and planks.


3. Next Step

There are 4 options after your assessment.

  1. Continue on with privates (Daytime availability only )if your medical condition requires further individual attention or you would like more guidance regarding your matwork fundamentals like the breathing etc.

  2. Join a matwork beginners group

  3. Privates to initially help you move correctly and then a home program to carry on with your workouts at home. You can book additional sessions as little or often as you like for upgrades of programs.


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