Pilates Classes and Pilates PERSONAL 1-1 TRAINING 

The Pilates Method is a collection of  movements that will enhance your Flexibility, Mobility and Core Strength, empowering  you to feel taller, leaner and more supple. 

If at the age of 30, you are stiff, you are old. If at the age of 60, you are supple and strong , then you are young
— Joseph Pilates

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PILATES PERSONAL training in Chester le-street & washington

Pilates personal training is a great way to begin your Journey back to full fitness as each bespoke lesson targets your specific goals or back pain at a pace that is comfortable for you. Pilates personal training sessions are held in Chester le Street at my home studio. The Pilates home studio is very comfortable and Private allowing us to completely focus on your injury and pain. Reformer Pilates and the specialist Pilates equipment are the safest and recommended place to begin your rehabilitation program as the machines support clients weaker areas which in turn helps them move from the correct place.The home studio is conveniently situated in the North East for people travelling from Washington, Gateshead, Durham and Sunderland.


Pilates Classes are a great way to begin Strengthening up your Back and Stomach muscles, Improve your shoulder strength, help mobilise your hips and leg flexibility and also help strengthen up your knee pain. All Pilates classes are held within a group environment at a affordable price. Beginner Pilates classes and advanced Pilates are held in Washington, North East and run every week. Free Car Parking is available making your journey from Chester le Street or Gateshead stress free.

Benefits of Pilates Mat Classes

  • Increase in upper back flexibility

  • Increase in hamstring and hip flexibility

  • Increase in shoulder and neck strength

  • Strengthen the muscles supporting the pelvis

  • Strengthen the hips including the buttocks

My teaching style

  • My Mat classes are taught in a simple and effective manner.

  • I consider myself a caring teacher

  • Your connection with the movement is important to me

  • You will learn to journey inwards with your mind

  • You will begin to understand your own alignment,faults and habits

  • You will be given home exercises to improve your Posture

  • You will meet like minded people

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